Prologue patch release

Well, after 2 days or about 11 hours of intensive fiddling, I finally got the prologue patch completed.

Huge thanks to the original Finnish translator for the tools to pack this up.

Anyways, this patch covers the short prologue of Bishoujo Mangekyou, and it translates all the menus in the game. Picture editing is done by me, and I will make them a little nicer to look at in the final release unless someone else wants to take on that objective for me.

I purely made this patch for showing some proof for my project and for something for my followers to chew on. Meanwhile, I’ll be continuing my translation. Also do note that the quality of this patch does not reflect the overall level of the full translation.


On another subject, I’ll be gone for the whole weekend and will not be able to make an update then. The next update will be up either late Sunday or at some point on Monday.


Edit: I updated the link as a fix one line, which I typo’d to only have one word instead of a sentence (I wrote it like this: “Don’t see through me on our first meeting, thank you very
“much…”, instead of: “Don’t see through me on our first meeting, thank you very
“much…”. These formatting typos can be such a pain).

Edit 2: I updated the link because  I noticed some things untranslated, so I fixed them in this version and added some new features. My deepest apologies for the inconvenience.