Update #13 And revamp of progress

So, sorry for this horribly out-of-date update, I have been dealing with my own problems as of late.

Now firstly, I’d like to thank Rillania for covering my prologue path on Lewdgamer. Huge thanks for the coverage, appreciate it greatly.

Onto other things. Firstly, I will now finally compile my team together this week. If you still want to be a part of this project, message me this week and you have  a shot at it.

Secondly, I was talking about a revamp of progress. What does this mean exactly? Well, I’ve been using the maximum kilobytes the script folder holds, but after inserting the prologue scripts back into the game, I’ve noticed that this is is horribly inaccurate, so I’ll be doing a revamp of the system I use. This won’t mean that any progress is discarded, it’ll only be altered in a different system, so fear not.

The system that I’ll be using is the completion of the script files. A rather simple one, but still more accurate than before. Also do note that the first script files are the biggest, so keep that in mind. I won’t be able to give out an exact progress percentage, but this most likely will be for the best.

Progress thus far:


Progress: 4 script files/8 script files completed | 5th one 69% done


See ya next week