Mid-project Q&A

So, there’s been quite a few questions swirling around this project and I. Now I’m here to answer those questions you might or might not have, but first, I’ll answer the most pressing questions.

Q. Why JP > FIN > ENG and not JP >ENG

A.  Well, there’s a reason for this. I started this progress as a self-learning project, as I will need good English skills for the field I’m aiming to. The other reason is to just brush up my grammar in both of the languages, as I have a horrible habit of putting commas everywhere I can.

Q. Self-learning project?

A. Yes, I started this project not as a honest translation project, but more like a self-improvement journey, nothing more, nothing less. But as time went on, I did want to give this my all. If I wouldn’t have, I could’ve just translated this in solitude, by myself.

Q. Why TL a nukige?

A.  Well, I chose this title for three reasons.

One, it was just translated to my native language when I picked this project up.

Two, I very much adored the art style and saw numerous people wanting an ENG translation for it.

Three, exactly because it’s a nukige is why I felt comfortable to not to TL it straight from Japanese. From when I read it translated, the story wasn’t anything special, yet still interesting enough for it to be enjoyable and not just filler. As it’s a nukige, the minor inconsistencies double translation brings wouldn’t stick out that much. It gives a little room for inconsistencies and errors.

Q. What do you mean by “checking with a Japanese script”?

A. Well, that’s partly for making it of a better quality and partly for my own self-gratification. I wanted to do something with the original script, but as of now, I’m not decent enough with Japanese, so I decided on this. I hope it gives it more quality, but I won’t make any promises.

Q. The prologue patch was really low-quality. How do we know that everything isn’t as low-quality as it was?

A. It was really shameful, but I horribly rushed it. I should’ve checked it many times over, but I didn’t, which I’m extremely sad about. Although it was terrible, I did fix most of the issues with it, and it now is somewhere around the level where I first wanted it to be. Of course it doesn’t reflect the quality of the final patch, as partial patches usually do.

Q. When this is over, what’s next?

A. Next will be studying. There won’t be new public translation project by me in a while, as I need to get good enough at Japanese. This’ll be my last double-translation in VNs, as a self-improvement project should be. However, I am in a few other projects that’ll see the light of day at some point. Look forward to it, those who enjoy my work and efforts.

Q. Are you seriously only in high-school? And if so, why did you start the project of this scale?

A. Yes, I’m 17 at the present moment, so I indeed am just in high-school. As for the second part, I just felt like it, and that’s the hugest reason. I needed more skills, both in English and in Japanese, so this felt like the best choice. Some of you say that it’s foolish for me to start this project, and honestly, if such a backlash would’ve come in the start, I probably would’ve trashed this project. But now I’ve gotten much better in English and I’m seeing the destination, the end of this project in the horizon. I won’t give up, I won’t allow myself to quit, no matter what everyone says. It might be just my overly prideful and stubborn nature, but I won’t give in.

That’s about it for starter questions, you can ask me questions of your own where ever you’d like. I’ll do my best to answer them truthfully and in the best way I can.