Update #18

Ya know what’s nice? Not making any progress.

Yup, there was no translation nor editing progress to speak of whatsoever. As for me, I had my final exams this week and they’ll continue the next week too. As for my editors, one had a move to a new apartment, and other one is busy with uni exams. I’ll try to get some progress next week, but who knows about these things. I certainly don’t


Well, at least QC has begun, and is progressing at a respectable pace, so that’s great. There also was some QC progress last week, but I forgot to put it up. Sorry ’bout that.

Anyways, the progress:

Translation: 7/8 script files finished (~83%)

Editing: 9,2%

QC: 3,1%

Proofreading: 0%


Till next week.