Update #21

Look at that, another update a day earlier. well, I’ll be gone for a few hours when the VNTS is written and as such this update is going live a day earlier… again.

Nothing really that ground-breaking happened this week other than that I really focused on translating this week and as such got a rather solid chunk done. As for editing, there has been some slight progress, but the same can’t be said about the QC. Hurrah for 90% completion.

Other than that, I’ll be gone for almost a week with my family, starting next Monday and I’ll return late Sunday, so there most likely won’t be an update next week, unless I manage to make a mini-update on Sunday or Monday. This of course depends on if I’m fast enough to do such a thing and/or am just lazy or not.

Progress this week:

Translation: 7/8 script files finished, 8th script file 37,7% completed (~90%)

Editing: 9,9%

QC: 3,1%

Proofreading: 0%


See ya when we meet again.