New website launched, go check it out

This site won’t get any more updates


Update #31: New QC, New Horizons

Hey, another update.

First up, let’s welcome our new QC, Nanon. He seems to know what he’s doing, so that’s nice. QC should be coming much more swimmingly.

Some nice progress was made this week, both in editing and in QC’ing, and progress overall is speeding up decently, which I’m overjoyed about.

Anyways, that’s all that’s happened this week, so onto progress:

Translation: 100%

Editing: 46,5%

QC: 25,5%

Proofreading: 0%



Update #30

Another week, another update.

Just last week we launched the Discord server, and it’s gotten quite a good reception, and I’ve had fun talking with you guys on there. So if you have questions, want to talk with me for some reason, or just pester me about the progress — although there are weekly updates — go on ahead.

To this week’s progress. We got a bit of QC done and a decent chunk of editing done, and I personally am happy with the progress this week. Things are going rather swimmingly, and the pace isn’t slowing down drastically, either.


Translation: 100%

Editing: 40%

QC: 22,3%

Proofreading: 0%


Until next time!

Update #29: New server, new beginnings

What an eventful week this was.

First up, some progress on both the editing and QC was made. Now, it isn’t the most, but progress is always progress, and I’m happy about it. We’ll try to make some amount of progress every week.

Second up, I had my hands full polishing some things and making our very own Discord server, now open for public. So, if you have some questions, want to chat with the staff, or just bitch me about how much of a fuckboy I am, go on ahead.

Now without further ado, here’s the link to the server.

You can also get the link from the main page, in Recruitment, and in Contact Us.

Progress thus far:

Translation: 100%

Editing: 33,9%

QC: 20,1%

Proofreading: 0%


Until next week.